Technical Data
Devices for the Laserdisc, the compatible RLV Disc, the MUSE Hi-Vision Laserdisc, and the HDVS Videodisc

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List of manufacturers and marketing companies:
Aiwa · Akai · Carver · Clarion · Columbia-Denon · Denon / Denonet · EAD · Faroudja · Funai · Fujitsu General · Giga Networks · Hitachi · Kenwood · Luxman · Marantz · Matrox · MCA DiscoVision · McIntosh · Mitsubishi · MSB · NAD Electronics · NEC Home Entertainment · Nihon Columbia · Nihon Marantz · ODC Nimbus · Onkyo · Panasonic · Philips · Philips Magnavox · Pioneer · Proscan · Quasar · RCA · RDI Halcyon · Runco · Samsung · Sansui · Sanyo · SEGA · Sharp · Sony · Sylvania · Tandy Realistic · Teac · Technics · Telefunken · Theta · Toshiba · Yamaha · Zenith · · · new LD player list

Relation between disc types and player models:
Examples for the playability according to a player model:
 Disc types concerned: Ø in cm Video
  A B C D E F G H I J K L M N
discs with
video signal
Laserdisc (NTSC; audio analog) DiscoVision, Laservision, RLV 30/20 525i        
Laserdisc (NTSC; audio analog+digital**) LD, CDV, LD-Single 30/20/20 525i ✓ˣ        
Laserdisc (NTSC; audio analog; data digital) LaserActive 30/20/20 525i ✓ˣ   ✓ˣ ✓ˣ ✓ˣ       ✓ˣ ✓ˣ ✓ˣ ✓ˣ ✓ˣ
Laserdisc (NTSC; audio digital:PCM) VSD, CDV 12 525i               ?  
Laserdisc (PAL; audio analog) Laservision, LV 30/20 625i                    
Laserdisc (PAL; audio digital:PCM/DTS) LD, CDV, LD-Single 30/20/20 625i                      
Laserdisc (PAL; audio digital:PCM) VSD, CDV 12 625i                        
HDVS Videodisc (HD; audio digital:PCM) 30 1125i                          
MUSE Hi-Vision Laserdisc (HD; audio analog+digital:PCM4.0) 30/20 1125i                        
audio only CD (no video signal; audio digital:PCM) 12/8 -            
discs with
video signal
VCD (NTSC; audio digital:MP2) 12/8 525i                      
VCD (PAL; audio digital:MP2) 12/8 625i                          
DVD (NTSC; audio digital:DD5.1, evtl. +more) 12/8 525i                        
DVD (PAL; audio digital:DD5.1, evtl. +more) 12/8 625i                          
**: analogStereo+PCM2.0, or analogStereo+DTS5.1, or analogMono+AC3+PCM2.0 (AC3=DD5.1),   ✓ˣ: only video + analog sound playable.
Underlined diameters refer to the double-sided 2.5mm thick discs, those without underlining to the thin, single-sided 1.2mm thick ones.
HDVS Videodiscs carry an analog full bandwidth HD video signal, MUSE Hi-Vision Laserdiscs carry a MUSE-encoded HD video signal.
Players corresponding to the example columns in the table:
A: Magnavision MH-8000 (1978), B: Philips VLP 720 (1982), C: Pioneer CLD-9000 (1984), D: Sony LDP-730 (1986), E: Pioneer CLD-1010 (1987),
F: Pioneer CLD-1450 (1989), G: Sony HDL-2000 (1991), H: Pioneer HLD-V500 (1992), I: Pioneer CLD-A100 (1993), J: Pioneer CLD-D925 (1996),
K: Samsung DV 7620KV (1996), L: Pioneer HLD-X9 (1996), M: Pioneer DVL-919 (1999), N: Pioneer DVL-919E (1999)

=== Laserdisc Players & Recorders - alphabetical per company ===
  Players that are able to play back MUSE HiVision Laserdiscs are identified by "MUSE".
Players that are able to play back HDVS Videodiscs are identified by "HDVS".
RLV disc recorders are identified in the list as "RLV-Recorder"; LD players are not specifically marked.
For models below marked with color there is a more precise description - click to see it.

=== The following list may contain errors and is probably incomplete. ===
If you detect an error or something missing in my list below, please send me an e-mail.

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Model name fromsystemcompatible discsmarketconnectors, features, etc.     (explanation below)
LV-X310 1995NTSCLD/LDS/CDV/CD/CDSJout:ad/c, cx
LV-X510K yearNTSCLD/LDS/CDV/CD/CDSAout:ad/c, kara,
XV-999 ≤1988NTSCLD/LDS*xout:?,
DP-L1000 ≤1988NTSCLD/LDS*xout:?,
LD-V10 yearNTSCLD/?xout:ad/c, ant, ioport
MD/V-500 1992NTSCLD/LDS/CDV/CD/CDSUout:adp/c, ant, cx
MVA-400-100 yearNTSCLD/LDS/CDV/CD/CDSJout:ad/c, ant, key
CDV-1500 yearNTSCLD/LDS/CDV/CD/CDS/VCD/DVDJout:ad/c?, in:m/-?, kara,
Denon / Denonet:
LA-1600C year?LD/?xout:?,
LA-2000 year?LD/?xout:?,
LA-210 yearNTSCLD/LDS/CDV/CD/CDSUout:adC/cS, cx
LA-2100 yearNTSCLD/LDS/CDV/CD/CDSUout:adp/c, cx
LA-2150K 1992?LD/LDS/CDV/CD/CDSAout:ad/c, in:mma/-, cx, kara,
LA-2300 1997PAL/NTSCLD/LDS/CDV/CD/CDSEout:adA/cS, AB (<< CLD-D515)
LA-2500 year?LD/LDS/CDV/CD/CDSxout:adp/c?,
LA-260C year?LD/?xout:?,
LA-2700 1997PAL/NTSCLD/LDS/CDV/CD/CDSxout:adA/c, scart, AB?,
LA-270C yearNTSCLD/LDS/CDV/CD/CDSJout:adp/cS, cx
LA-280C yearNTSCLD/LDS/CDV/CD/CDSJout:adp/c?, cx
LA-3000 1992?LD/?xout:?,
LA-3100(G) 1994NTSCLD/LDS/CDV/CD/CDSUout:adpO/cS, cx, 2p, mem,
LA-3200 year?LD/?xout:?,
LA-3300 yearNTSCLD/LDS/CDV/CD/CDSxout:adOA/cS, in:m/-, 2p, mem, kara, 8.2kg
LA-3450K yearNTSCLD/LDS/CDV/CD/CDSxout:adp/c, in:mm/-, kara,
LA-3500 1994NTSCLD/LDS/CDV/CDUout:adO/cS, 2p, mem, cdg
LA-3500K(G) yearNTSCLD/LDS/CDV/CDxout:ad/c, in:m/-, 2p, kara,
LA-550C 1990NTSCLD/LDS/CDV/CD/CDSJout:adO/cS, sc, 2p, mem,, (< CLD-616)
LA-560C year?LD/?xout:?,
LA-V200(G) yearNTSCLD/LDS/CDV/CD/CDS/VCDAout:adOCA/cS, 6.9kg
T-7000 yearNTSCLD/CDxout:?,
T-8000 yearNTSCLD/CDxout:adOCA/cS, 2p, mem (<< CLD-704)
TheaterVision yearNTSCLD/LDS/CDV/CD/CDSUout:adOCA/cS, (< Faroudja LD1000)
LD1000 year?LD/LDS/CDV/CD/CDSUout:adOCA/cS, (< EAD Theatervision)
MD-K55 yearNTSCLD/LDS/CDV/CD/CDSJout:ad/cS, in:mm/-, ant, kara
Fujitsu General:
VKC-20 ≤1988NTSCLD/LDS*xout:?,
VKC-300 ≤1988NTSCLD/LDS*xout:?,
Giga Networks:
Visual Factory D20 year?LD/?xout:?,
HLD-1000 (MUSE) yearHDMHLDxout:?,
MX-LD500CD ≤1988NTSCLD/LDS*xout:?,
VIP-11 ≤1988NTSCLD/LDS*xout:?,
VIP-12 ≤1988NTSCLD/LDS*xout:?,
VIP-15K ≤1988NTSCLD/LDS*xout:?,
VIP-16K ≤1988>NTSCLD/LDS*xout:?,
VIP-200LK ≤1988NTSCLD/LDS*xout:?,
VIP-20D ≤1988NTSCLD/LDS*xout:?,
VIP-23D ≤1988NTSCLD/LDS*xout:?,
VIP-25DX 1987NTSCLD/LDS*xout:?,
VIP-30C ≤1988NTSCLD/LDS*xout:?,
VIP-31C ≤1988NTSCLD/LDS*xout:?,
VIP-32C "LASER5" 1988NTSCLD/LDS/CDV/CD/CDSJout:adp/c, cx (< CLD-70)
VIP-35C ≤1988NTSCLD/LDS*xout:?,
VIP-5 ≤1988NTSCLD/LDS*xout:?,
VIP-9500 1985NTSCaLD/?xout:a/c, ser, toploader,
VIP-9550 1985NTSCaLD/?Uout:a/c, cx, ser, 12.5kg
VIP-9600 1986?LD/?xout:?,
VIP-KX10 year?LD/?xout:?,
VIP-KZ77G yearNTSCLD/LDS/CDV/CD/CDSJout:adp/c, in:mma/-, ldg, kara,
VIP-RX10EX 1993NTSCLD/CDxout:ad/c, 2p,
VIP-RX8EX 1992?LD/?xout:?,
VIP-SX55 ≤1988NTSCLD/LDS*xout:?,
LD-K300V 1997NTSC/vcd:+PALLD/LDS/CD/CDS/VCDAout:adA/c, in:mm/-, cx, sc, key, kara, 6.5kg
LVD-07 ≤1988NTSCLD/LDS*xout:?,
LVD-290 1997NTSCLD/LDS/CDV/CD/CDSEout:adA/c, in:mm/-, cx, kara,
LVD-300 1992NTSCLD/LDS/CDV/CD/CDSxout:adO/c
LVD-310 yearNTSCLD/LDS/CDV/CD/CDSxout:adO/cS, cx,
LVD-320 yearNTSCLD/LDS/CDV/CD/CDSAout:adpO/cS, cx, sc, 8.2kg
LVD-68 yearNTSCLD/LDS/CDV/CD/CDSAout:ad/c, cx, sc, 8kg
LVD-700 year?LD/LDS/CDV/CD/CDSxout:adpO/cS, cx
LVD-710 year?LD/?xout:?,
LVD-7i year?LD/?xout:?,
LVD-820R year?LD/?xout:?,
LVD-89V year?LD/?xout:?,
LVD-930R year?LD/?xout:?,
LVD-97 yearNTSCLD/LDS/CDV/CD/CDSAout:ad/c, cx, sc
LVD-K590V yearNTSCLD/CD/VCDxout:adA/c, in:mm/-, cx, kara,
LVD-K7000 yearNTSCLD/LDS/CDV/CD/CDSxout:adp/c, in:mm/-, cx, key, kara,
LVD-K7100 yearNTSCLD/LDS/CDV/CD/CDSAout:adp/c, in:mma/-, cx, sc, key, kara,
LVD-K9200 yearNTSCLD/LDS/CDV/CD/CDSAout:adp/c, in:mma/c, cx, key, kara, 11kg
LVD-V7 year?LD/?xout:ad/c
LVD-Z1 yearNTSCLD/LDS/CDV/CD/CDSxout:ad/c, cx,
D-08 1984?LD/?xout:?,
CDV-400 year?LD/?xout:?,
CDV-580 year?LD/?xout:?,
CDV-770 yearNTSCLD/CDxout:adO/Ac
CDV-780 year?LD/?xout:?,
CV-55 year?LD/?xout:?,
LV-100 year?LD/?xout:?,
LV-500 year?LD/?xout:?,
LV-510 year?LD/?xout:?,
LV-520 year?LD/?xout:?,
E-VDP/MSNI year?LD/?xout:?,
MCA DiscoVision:
PR-7820 1979NTSCLD/LDS*Uout:ad/c, (= Pioneer PR-7820)
MLD7020 1996?LD/?xout:?, (< CLD-97)
DL-L1500 year?LD/?xout:?,
M-V6020 year?LD/?xout:?,
M-V6021 year?LD/?xout:?,
M-V6022 year?LD/?xout:?,
M-V6027 year?LD/?xout:?,
M-V7010 1989?LD/?xout:?,
M-V7025 year?LD/?xout:?,
M-V7057 yearNTSCLD/LDS/CDV/CD/CDSUout:adpOCA/cS, 2p, mem, 8.4kg
M-V8000 year?LD/?xout:?,
LS-1 year?LD/?xout:?,
LS-2 year?LD/?xout:?,
LS-2X year?LD/?xout:?,
NAD Electronics:
NAD 5900 1984NTSCLD/LDS*/CDxout:ad/c, ant, ioport, (< Pioneer CLD-900)
NEC Home Entertainment:
LD-2000 year?LD/?xout:?,
PCE-LD1 ≤1988NTSCLD/LDS*xout:?,
VP-L700 ≤1988NTSCLD/LDS*xout:?,
VP-L750 ≤1988NTSCLD/LDS*xout:?,
VP-L760 ≤1988NTSCLD/LDS*xout:?,
VP-L800 ≤1988NTSCLD/LDS*xout:?,
VP-L850D ≤1988NTSCLD/LDS*xout:?,
VP-L860CV ≤1988NTSCLD/LDS*xout:?,
VP-L900 year?LD/?xout:?,
VP-L900CD ≤1988NTSCLD/LDS*xout:?,
VP-L910 year?LD/?xout:?,
VP-L910CD ≤1988NTSCLD/LDS*xout:?,
VP-L960CV ≤1988NTSCLD/LDS*xout:?,
VP-LS-100 year?LD/?xout:?,
Nihon Columbia:
LA-600 ≤1988NTSCLD/LDS*xout:?,
LA-600D ≤1988NTSCLD/LDS*xout:?,
LA-700 ≤1988NTSCLD/LDS*xout:?,
LA-800 ≤1988NTSCLD/LDS*xout:?,
LA-900 ≤1988NTSCLD/LDS*xout:?,
LA-1500C ≤1988NTSCLD/LDS*xout:?,
CLK-600 ≤1988NTSCLD/LDS*xout:?,
CLK-600D ≤1988NTSCLD/LDS*xout:?,
CLK-610 ≤1988NTSCLD/LDS*xout:?,
CLK-888 ≤1988NTSCLD/LDS*xout:?,
CLK-1500 ≤1988NTSCLD/LDS*xout:?,
Nihon Marantz:
CDV-50 ≤1988NTSCLD/LDS*xout:?,
CDV570 ≤1988NTSCLD/LDS*xout:?,
CDV-70D ≤1988NTSCLD/LDS*xout:?,
CDV770 ≤1988NTSCLD/LDS*xout:?,
LV100 ≤1988NTSCLD/LDS*xout:?,
LV101 ≤1988NTSCLD/LDS*xout:?,
LV-10CD ≤1988NTSCLD/LDS*xout:?,
LV-11CD ≤1988NTSCLD/LDS*xout:?,
LV-1CD ≤1988NTSCLD/LDS*xout:?,
ODC Nimbus:
LVDR 610 (RLV-Recorder) yearNTSCLD/LD-Rxout:?,
DX-V370 yearNTSCLD/CDV/CDxout:adA/c
DX-V500 yearNTSCLD/LDS/CDV/CD/CDSAout:adOA/cS, in:mm/-, cx, 2p, mem, 7.7kg
DX-V801 year?LD/?xout:?,
ML-200A yearNTSCLD/CDV/CDxout:?,
LX-100 year?LD/?xout:?,
LX-1000 1990NTSCLD/LDS/CDV/CD/CDSUout:adO/cS, 2p, mem, 11.5kg
LX-101 1991NTSCLD/CDxout:adp/c,
LX-200 1992NTSCLD/LDS/CDV/CD/CDSUout:adO/cS, 2p, 9.2kg
LX-200PX yearNTSCLD/LDS/CDV/CD/CDSAout:adO/cS, 2p, 9.2kg
LX-300 year?LD/?xout:?,
LX-310 year?LD/?xout:?,
LX-600 1993NTSCLD/LDS/CDV/CD/CDSUout:adO/cS, 2p, 9.1kg
LX-900 yearNTSCLD/LDS/CDV/CD/CDSUout:adO/cS, cx, 2p, 9.3kg
LX-H170 year?LD/?xout:?,
LX-H180 year?LD/?xout:?,
LX-H670 year?LD/?xout:?,
LX-H680 yearNTSCLD/LDS/CDV/CD/CDSUout:adOA/cS, 2p, 8.2kg
LX-HD10 (MUSE) 1994HDMHLDxout:?,
LX-HD20 (MUSE) 1996HDMHLDxout:?,
LX-K580V year?LD/?xout:?,
LX-K630 year?LD/?xout:?,
LX-K660 year?LD/?xout:?,
LX-K670 year?LD/?xout:?,
LX-K700 year?LD/?xout:?,
LX-K770 year?LD/?xout:?,
LX-K780 year?LD/?xout:?,
LX-V860 year?LD/?xout:?,
CDV-400 yearNTSCLD/CDxout:?,
CDV-475 1990NTSCLD/CDxout:?,
CDV-484 yearNTSCLD/CDxout:?,
CDV-485 yearNTSCLD/CDxout:?,
CDV-486 yearNTSCLD/CDxout:?,
CDV-487 yearNTSCLD/CDxout:?,
CDV-488 1989NTSCLD/LDS/CDxout:?,
CDV-495 yearNTSCLD/CDxout:?,
CDV-496 yearNTSCLD/CDxout:?,
CDV-600 1991NTSCLD/CDxout:?,
CDV-786 yearNTSCLD/CDxout:?,
CDV-800 yearNTSCLD/CDxout:?,
LDP-400 yearNTSCLD/CDxout:?,
LDP-600WS 1991PAL/NTSCLD/LDS/CDV/CD/CDSAout:adO/cR, scart, 12kg
LVP-22VP931 yearNTSCaLDUout:a/c, top loader, He-Ne
LVP-22VP932 yearPALaLDEout:a/c, scart, top loader, He-Ne, 10kg
VLP-500 yearNTSCLDxout:a/c, He-Ne
VLP-600 1982NTSCLDxout:a/c, He-Ne
VLP-700 1982NTSCLDxout:a/c, He-Ne
VLP 720 1983NTSCLDxout:a/c, He-Ne
VLP-830 yearNTSCLDxout:?,
VLP-831 yearNTSCLDxout:?,
VLP-835 yearNTSCLDxout:?,
VLP-837 yearNTSCLDxout:?,
VP301 yearNTSCLDxout:?,
VP312 1991PALLD/LDS/CDV/CD/CDSEout:adC/cR, scart, ser, 9kg
VP380 1991PAL/NTSCLD/LDS/CDV/CD/CDSAout:adC/cSR, scart, ser, 9kg
VP405 1988NTSCLDxout:?,
VP406 yearNTSCLDxout:?,
VP410 1987NTSCLDxout:?,
VP412 year?LD/?xout:?,
VP415 1987PALLD/LVROMxout:ad/cR, scart, in/out/mixing, ser, SCSI
VP500 yearNTSCLDxout:?,
VP830 year?LDxout:?,
VP835 yearNTSCLDxout:?,
VP923 yearNTSCLDxout:?,
VP931 yearNTSCLDxout:?,
VP932 yearNTSCLDxout:?,
Philips Magnavox:
CDV-305 1992?LD/?xout:?,
CDV-484 year?LD/?xout:?,
VC-8010 1981?LD/?xout:?,
VC-8040 1984?LD/?xout:?,
VH8000 1978NTSCLDUout:ad/c, ant, first LD player ever released
WRV100 year?LD/?xout:?,
CCS-LV1 year?LD/?xout:?,
CL-7700S year?LD/?xout:?,
CL-J35LD yearNTSCaLD/CDxout:?,
CL-J55LD yearNTSCLD/CDxout:?, (@ CL-J35LD)
CL-J75LD yearNTSCLD/CDxout:?, (@ CL-J35LD)
CLD-01 1992NTSCLD/LDS/CDV/CD/CDSJout:adpO/cS, sc, cx,
CLD-02 1993NTSCLD/LDS/CDV/CD/CDSxout:adpO/cS, cs,
CLD-05 1991NTSCLD/LDS/CDV/CDxout:?,
CLD-07G yearNTSCLD/CDxout:adpOC/cS, sc, cx,
CLD-100 yearNTSCLD/CDxout:?,
CLD-100K 1996NTSCLD/CDAout:ad/c, in:mm/-, kara,
CLD-100KV yearNTSCLD/CDxout:?,
CLD-1010 1987NTSCLD/CDxout:ad/c, ant,
CLD-1030 1988NTSCLD/LDS/CDV/CD/CDSUout:ad/c, ant, first player for VSD and CDV discs
CLD-1050 yearPALLD/LDS/CDV/CD/CDSEout:ad/c, ant, scart, 11.5kg
CLD-1070 1989NTSCLD/LDS/CDV/CD/CDSUout:ad/c, ant, 7.5kg
CLD-1080 1990NTSCLD/LDS/CDV/CDxout:?,
CLD-1090 1991NTSCLD/LDS/CDV/CDxout:?,
CLD-1091 yearNTSCLD/LDS/CDV/CDxout:?, (@ CLD-31)
CLD-110 1991?LD/LDS/CDV/CDxout:?,
CLD-110KVT 1998NTSC/vcd:+PALLD/LDS/CDV/CD/CDS/VCDxout:adA/cS, in:a/-, 6.7kg
CLD-110-N year?LD/CDxout:?,
CLD-1190 1991?LD/LDS/CDV/CDxout:?,
CLD-1200 1988PALLD/LDS/CDV/CD/CDSEout:ad/c, ant, scart, cx, 9.2kg
CLD-1260 year?LD/CDxout:?,
CLD-1400 1990PALLD/LDS/CDV/CD/CDSEout:ad/c, ant, scart, 7.9kg
CLD-1450 1990PAL/NTSCLD/LDS/CDV/CD/CDSEout:ad/c, ant, scart
CLD-1500 1990?LD/LDS/CDV/CDxout:?,
CLD-150K 1994?LD/LDS/CDV/CDxout:?,
CLD-1570K yearNTSCLD/LDS/CDV/CD/CDSAout:ad/c, ant, kara, 8.4kg (@ CLD-V700)
CLD-1580K year?LD/CDxout:?, (@ CLD-V510, CLD-V710)
CLD-1590K year?LD/CDxout:?,
CLD-1600 1991PALLD/LDS/CDV/CD/CDSEout:adO/c, 2 scart, 8.0kg
CLD-160K 1996PAL/NTSCLD/LDS/CDV/CD/CDSEout:ad/c, in:mma/-, scart, kara+scoring, 7.5kg
CLD-1700 1992?LD/LDS/CDV/CDxout:?,
CLD-1710K year?LD/CDxout:?,
CLD-1720K 1992?LD/LDS/CDV/CDxout:?, (@ CLD-V740)
CLD-1730K year?LD/CDxout:?, (@ CLD-V750)
CLD-1750 1992PAL/NTSCLD/LDS/CDV/CD/CDSEout:adO/c, 2 scart, 8.0kg
CLD-1800 1993PALLD/LDS/CDV/CD/CDSEout:adO/c, 2 scart, 7.4kg
CLD-1810K year?LD/CDxout:?,
CLD-1850 1994PALLD/LDS/CDV/CD/CDSEout:adO/c, scart, 7.4kg (@CLD-1700)
CLD-1850K year?LD/CDxout:?,
CLD-1950 1994?LD/LDS/CDV/CDxout:?,
CLD-200 yearNTSCLD/LDS/CDV/CD/CDSJout:adp/c
CLD-200K year?LD/CDxout:?,
CLD-2050 year?LD/CDxout:?,
CLD-2070 1989NTSCLD/LDS/CDV/CD/CDSUout:adO/c, ant, 2p, 10.8kg
CLD-2080 1990NTSCLD/LDS/CDV/CD/CDSU/Aout:ad/c, 2p, 10.2kg
CLD-2090 1991?LD/LDS/CDV/CDxout:?,
CLD-210KVT 1998NTSC/vcd:+PALLD/LDS/CDV/CD/CDS/VCDxout:adA/cS, in:a/-, 2p, 7.2kg
CLD-2290 year?LD/CDxout:?,
CLD-2590K year?LD/CDxout:?,
CLD-2600 1991PALLD/LDS/CDV/CDxout:adO/c, scart, 2p,
CLD-2700 1992?LD/LDS/CDV/CDxout:?,
CLD-2710K year?LD/CDxout:?,
CLD-2720K year?LD/CDxout:?, (@ CLD-V840)
CLD-2730K year?LD/CDxout:?, (@ CLD-850)
CLD-2750K yearNTSCLD/LDS/CDV/CDUout:ad/c, 2p, kara+scoring,
CLD-2760K year?LD/CDxout:?,
CLD-2850 1993PAL/NTSCLD/LDS/CDV/CD/CDSEout:adO/c, 2 scart, 2p, 8.6kg
CLD-2950 1994PAL/NTSCLD/LDS/CDV/CD/CDSEout:adO/cS, 2 scart, 2p, 8.2kg
CLD-303 yearNTSCLD/LDS/CDV/CD/CDSJout:adO/cS, cx, 2p,
CLD-3030 1987NTSCLD/LDS/CDV/CD/CDSUout:adO/c, ant, 10.2kg
CLD-3070 1989NTSCLD/LDS/CDV/CD/CDSU/Aout:adO/AcS, 2p, mem, 11.1kg
CLD-3080 1990NTSCLD/LDS/CDV/CD/CDSAout:adO/cS, 2p, mem, 13.3kg
CLD-3090 1991?LD/LDS/CDV/CDxout:?,
CLD-31 yearNTSCLD/CDxout:?,
CLD-313 year?LD/CDxout:?,
CLD-3380 1990?LD/LDS/CDV/CDxout:?,
CLD-3390 year?LD/CDxout:?,
CLD-360 year?LD/CDxout:?,
CLD-3750K year?LD/CDxout:?,
CLD-3760K year?LD/CDxout:?,
CLD-3760KV yearNTSC/vcd:+PALLD/LDS/CDV/CD/CDS/VCDAout:adA/c, 2p, kara, 6.8kg
CLD-500 year?LD/CDxout:?,
CLD-5000 year?LD/CDxout:?,
CLD-505 1996?LD/LDS/CDV/CDxout:?,
CLD-52 1992NTSCLD/LDS/CDV/CD/CDSUout:adOC/cS, 9.1kg
CLD-53 yearNTSCLD/CDxout:?,
CLD-535 1992?LD/LDS/CDV/CDxout:?,
CLD-555 year?LD/CDxout:?,
CLD-59 1995NTSCLD/CDxout:?,
CLD-600 1991PALLD/LDS/CDV/CD/CDSEout:ad/c, cx, scart, 7.9kg
CLD-616 1990NTSCLD/LDS/CDV/CD/CDSJout:adO/cS, sc, 2p, mem,
CLD-7 1986NTSCLD/LDS*/CDJout:?,
CLD-70 1987NTSCLD/LDS/CDV/CD/CDSJout:adp/c, cx
CLD-700 1992PALLD/LDS/CDV/CD/CDSEout:ad/c, 2 scart, 7.3kg
CLD-737 1991?LD/LDS/CDV/CDxout:?,
CLD-757 1992?LD/LDS/CDV/CDxout:?,
CLD-77 1988?LD/LDS/CDV/CDxout:?,
CLD-770 1988?LD/LDS/CDV/CDxout:?,
CLD-79 1995NTSCLD/LDS/CDV/CD/CDSUout:adOCA/cS, 2p, mem, 8.7kg (@ CLD-99)
CLD-800 1993PALLD/LDS/CDV/CD/CDSEout:ad/c, 2 scart, 7.3kg
CLD-8380 year?LD/CDxout:?,
CLD-900 1984NTSCLD/LDS*/CDU/Aout:ad/c, ant, ioport, 15.6kg
CLD-9000 1984NTSCLD/LDS*/CDJout:?, first LD/CD combi player
CLD-901/S yearNTSCLD/CDAout:ad/c, ant, ioport, 11.5kg (@ CLD-909)
CLD-909 1989?LD/LDS/CDV/CDxout:?,
CLD-91 1989NTSCLD/CDxout:?,
CLD-919 year?LD/CDxout:?,
CLD-92 1992NTSCLD/CDxout:?,
CLD-939 1992?LD/LDS/CDV/CDxout:?,
CLD-95 1992NTSCLD/LDS/CDV/CD/CDSUout:adO/cS, 2p, mem, 14.2kg
CLD-950 1994PAL/NTSCLD/LDS/CDV/CD/CDSEout:ad/c, 2 scart, 7.2kg
CLD-959 1992?LD/?xout:?,
CLD-97 1993NTSCLD/LDS/CDV/CD/CDSUout:adOC/cS, 2p, 17kg
CLD-970 1988?LD/LDS/CDV/CDxout:?,
CLD-98 1994?LD/LDS/CDV/CDxout:?,
CLD-980 1990NTSCLD/LDS/CDV/CDxout:?,
CLD-99 yearNTSCLD/LDS/CDV/CD/CDSUout:adOCA/cS, 2p, mem, 10.6kg
CLD-990 yearNTSCLD/CDV/CDUout:ad/c, 7.6kg
CLD-995 year?LD/CDxout:?,
CLD-99S 1987?LD/LDS*/CDxout:?,
CLD-A100 LaserActive 1993NTSCLD/LDS/CDV/CD/CDSxout:adO/c, +PAC S10: cdg
CLD-AK700 year?LD/CDxout:?,
CLD-C1 1994?LD/LDS/CDV/CDxout:?,
CLD-C3 1994?LD/LDS/CDV/CDxout:?,
CLD-C5G 1994?LD/LDS/CDV/CDxout:?,
CLD-CLKV900 year?LD/LDS/CDV/CD/CDSxout:?,
CLD-CLKV920 1991?LD/LDS/CDV/CD/CDSxout:?,
CLD-D1 year?LD/CDxout:?,
CLD-D104 <1995?LD/CDxout:?,
CLD-D304 <1995?LD/CDxout:?,
CLD-D380 year?LD/CDxout:?,
CLD-D390 1996NTSCLD/LDS/CDV/CDxout:adA/c, 2p,
CLD-D406 1995NTSCLD/LDS/CDV/CD/CDSUout:adOA/c, dts, sc, 2p, 6.4kg
CLD-D500 1996?LD/LDS/CDV/CDxout:?,
CLD-D501 1992?LD/LDS/CDV/CDxout:?,
CLD-D502 1993NTSCLD/LDS/CDV/CDxout:?,
CLD-D503 1994NTSCLD/LDS/CDV/CD/CDSxout:adO/cS, 2p, (@ CLD-703)
CLD-D504 1995NTSCLD/LDS/CDV/CD/CDSUout:adA/cS, 2p, kara, 6.7kg
CLD-D505 1996NTSCLD/LDS/CDV/CDUout:adA/c, 6.7kg (@ CLD-605)
CLD-D515 1997PAL/NTSCLD/LDS/CDV/CD/CDSEout:ad(A)/c, 2p, 6.9kg
CLD-D550 year?LD/CDxout:?,
CLD-D560 year?LD/CDxout:?,
CLD-D570 1994NTSCLD/LDS/CDV/CD/CDSxout:adO/cS, 2p, (@ CLD-503)
CLD-D580 year?LD/CDxout:?,
CLD-D590 1996?LD/LDS/CDV/CDxout:?,
CLD-D604 1995NTSCLD/LDS/CDV/CD/CDSUout:adOA/cS, 2p, 6.8kg
CLD-D605 1996NTSCLD/LDS/CDV/CD/CDSUoutp:adOA/c, 6.8kg
CLD-D606 1996?LD/LDS/CDV/CDxout:?, (@ CLD-406)
CLD-D700 year?LD/CDxout:?,
CLD-D701 1992?LD/LDS/CDV/CDxout:?,
CLD-D702 1993?LD/LDS/CDV/CDxout:?,
CLD-D703 1994NTSCLD/LDS/CDV/CD/CDSxout:adO/cS, 2p, mem,
CLD-D704 1995NTSCLD/LDS/CDV/CD/CDSUout:adpOCA/cS, dts, sc, cx, 2p, mem, 8.4kg
CLD-D750 1992?LD/LDS/CDV/CDxout:?,
CLD-D760 1993?LD/LDS/CDV/CDxout:?, (@ CLD-702)
CLD-D770 1994NTSCLD/LDS/CDV/CD/CDSxout:adO/cS, 2p, mem, (@ CLD-703)
CLD-D780 yearNTSCLD/LDS/CDV/CD/CDSAout:adOA/cS, 2p, 6.8kg
CLD-D790 1996NTSCLD/LDS/CDV/CDxout:adA/c, 2p, mem,
CLD-D925 1996PAL/NTSCLD/LDS/CDV/CD/CDSEout:adOCRd/cS, 2p, mem, 6.8kg
CLD-D99 1997NTSCLD/LDS/CDV/CDxout:adA/c, 2p, mem,
CLD-DV3 year?LD/CDxout:?,
CLD-E100 year?LD/CDxout:?,
CLD-E110 year?LD/CDxout:?,
CLD-E140 year?LD/CDxout:?,
CLD-E2000 1993?LD/LDS/CDV/CDxout:?, (@ CLD-S201, CLD-S350)
CLD-E2200 year?LD/CDxout:?,
CLD-E505 year?LD/CDxout:?,
CLD-F1 year?LD/CDxout:?,
CLD-F7 year?LD/CDxout:?,
CLD-HF7G 1994NTSCLD/LDS/CDV/CD/CDSJout:adOA/cS, sc, 2p, cdg, ldg,
CLD-HF9G 1994NTSCLD/LDS/CDV/CD/CDSJout;adOCA/cS, sc, 2p, ldg,
CLD-J420 1994PALd/NTSCLD/LDS/CDV/CD/CDSMout:ad/c, scart, 6.7kg
CLD-J700 year?LD/CDxout:?,
CLD-J720 yearNTSCLD/LDS/CDV/CD/CDSU/Aout:ad/c, 6.7kg
CLD-J910 1993NTSCLD/LDS/CDV/CD/CDSE/Aout:ad/c, CLD jack only, 6.5kg
CLD-J990 year?LD/CDxout:?,
CLD-J990K year?LD/CDxout:?,
CLD-K1000 year?LD/CDxout:?,
CLD-K11 year?LD/CDxout:?,
CLD-K1100 year?LD/CDxout:?,
CLD-K150 year?LD/CDxout:?,
CLD-K22G year?LD/CDxout:?,
CLD-K33G 1994?LD/LDS/CDV/CDxout:?,
CLD-K50 year?LD/CDxout:?,
CLD-K55G 1993?LD/LDS/CDV/CDxout:?,
CLD-K600 year?LD/CDxout:?,
CLD-K7 year?LD/CDxout:?,
CLD-K700 year?LD/CDxout:?,
CLD-K77G year?LD/CDxout:?,
CLD-K8 year?LD/CDxout:?,
CLD-K80 year?LD/CDxout:?,
CLD-K800 year?LD/CDxout:?,
CLD-K88G 1994NTSCLD/LDS/CDV/CD/CDSJout:ad/cS, in:mma/-, sc, cdg, ldg,
CLD-K8V year?LD/CDxout:?,
CLD-K99V year?LD/CDxout:?,
CLD-M301 1992NTSCLD/LDS/CDV/CD/CDSUout:ad/c, 9.5kg (@ CLD-M401)
CLD-M401 1992NTSCLD/LDS/CDV/CD/CDSU/Aout:adO/cS, 9.6kg
CLD-M403 1992NTSCLD/LDS/CDV/CD/CDSU/Aout:adO/cS, 9.6kg
CLD-M450 yearNTSCLD/LDS/CDV/CD/CDSU/Aout:adO/cS, 9.6kg (@ CLD-M401)
CLD-M460 1992?LD/LDS/CDV/CDxout:?,
CLD-M5 1993PALLD/LDS/CDV/CD/CDSE/Mout:adO/c, 2 scart, 9.7kg
CLD-M90 1991NTSCLD/LDS/CDV/CD/CDSU/Aout:ad/c, 9.5kg
CLD-M90-J 1991NTSCLD/LDS/CDV/CD/CDSU/Aout:ad/c, 9.5kg
CLD-P2 year?LD/CDxout:?,
CLD-PC10 year?LD/CDxout:?,
CLD-R4 1996NTSCLD/LDS/CDV/CD/CDSUout:adOA/cS, sc, 2p,
CLD-R4G 1995NTSCLD/LDS/CDV/CD/CDSJout:adOA/cS, sc, 2p,
CLD-R5 1996NTSCLD/LDS/CDV/CD/CDSJout:adOA/cS, 2p, 6.4kg
CLD-R7G 1996NTSCLD/LDS/CDV/CD/CDSJout:adOA/cS, 2p, mem, ldg, 6.9kg
CLD-S104 1995NTSCLD/LDS/CDV/CD/CDSUout:ad/c, 5.7kg (@ CLD-S304)
CLD-S105 year?LD/CDxout:?,
CLD-S180 1996?LD/LDS/CDV/CDxout:?,
CLD-S180V year?LD/?xout:?,
CLD-S201 1992?LD/LDS/CDV/CD, NTSCxout:?, (@ CLD-S350)
CLD-S250 1992?LD/LDS/CDV/CD, NTSCxout:?, (@ CLD-S350)
CLD-S270 1994NTSCLD/LDS/CDV/CD/CDSAout:ad/c, kara, 5.7kg
CLD-S280 1996?LD/LDS/CDV/CDxout:?,
CLD-S290 year?LD/CDAout:?,
CLD-S300V 1998?LD/LDS/CDV/CDxout:?,
CLD-S303 year?LD/CDxout:?,
CLD-S304 1995NTSCLD/LDS/CDV/CD/CDSUout:adA/c, mic, 5.9kg
CLD-S310 1995PALLD/LDS/CDV/CD/CDSEout:ad/c, scart, 5.7kg
CLD-S310F 1995?LD/LDS/CDV/CD/CDSxout:ad/c
CLD-S315 1995PAL/NTSCLD/LDS/CDV/CD/CDSEout:ad(A?)/c, scart, 5.8kg
CLD-S320F year?LD/CDxout:?,
CLD-S330 year?LD/CDxout:?,
CLD-S350 1992?LD/LDS/CDV/CDxout:?,
CLD-S370 1994NTSCLD/LDS/CDV/CD/CDSAout:ad/c, mic, 5.9kg
CLD-V101 year?LD/LDS/CDxout:?,
CLD-V1008 year?LD/LDS/CDxout:?,
CLD-V1212D 1995?LD/LDS/CDV/CDxout:?,
CLD-V121G 1994?LD/LDS/CDV/CDxout:?,
CLD-V190 year?LD/LDS/CDxout:?,
CLD-V202 1992PAL/NTSCLD/LDS/CDV/CD/CDSEout:ad/c, 2 scart, kara, 8.6kg
CLD-V2120D yearPAL/NTSCLD/LDS/CDV/CD/CDSEout:ad/c, scart, LB2, 5.7kg
CLD-V2300D 1994PAL/NTSCLD/LDS/CDV/CD/CDSEout:ad/c, scart, cx, ser, LB2, 8.0kg
CLD-V2400 yearNTSCLD/LDS/CDV/CDUout:ad/c, cx, ser, LB2
CLD-V250 1994PAL/NTSCLD/LDS/CDV/CD/CDSE+Mout:ad/c, kara, 7.4kg
CLD-V250G yearPAL/NTSCLD/LDS/CDV/CD/CDSE+Mout:ad/c, cdg, ldg, kara,
CLD-V2600 1994NTSCLD/LDS/CDV/CDUout:ad/cS, cx, ser, LB2
CLD-V2800 1996-1999NTSCLD/LDS/CDV/CDUout:ad/c, cx, ser, LB2
CLD-V300 yearPAL/NTSCLD/LDS/CDV/CD/CDSEout:ad/c, kara, 7.8kg
CLD-V303T yearNTSCLD/LDS/CDV/CD/CDSJout:ad/c, twin player
CLD-V500 1989?LD/?xout:?,
CLD-V5000 1997NTSCLD/LDS/CDV/CDUout:ad/cS, ser, LB2
CLD-V510 year?LD/LDS/CDxout:?,
CLD-V520 year?LD/LDS/CDxout:?,
CLD-V700 yearNTSCLD/LDS/CDV/CD/CDSUout:ad/c, ant, kara, 8.4kg (@ CLD-1570K)
CLD-V710 1991?LD/LDS/CDxout:?,
CLD-V720 year?LD/LDS/CDxout:?,
CLD-V740 1993?LD/LDS/CDV/CDxout:?,
CLD-V750 year?LD/LDS/CDxout:?,
CLD-V760 year?LD/LDS/CDxout:?,
CLD-V820 1992?LD/LDS/CDV/CDxout:?,
CLD-V840 yearNTSCLD/LDS/CDV/CDUout:ad/c, 2p, kara,
CLD-V850 yearNTSCLD/LDS/CDV/CD/CDSAout:ad/c, in:a/-, kara, 2p, cdg, 8.0kg
CLD-V860 year?LD/LDS/CDxout:?,
CLD-V870 1997?LD/LDS/CDxout:?,
CLD-V880 1998?LD/LDS/CDxout:?,
CLD-X919 year?LD/CDxout:?,
CLD-Z1 1994NTSCLD/LDS/CDV/CDJout:ad/c, cx
CLK-V900 yearNTSCLD/?Jout:?
CLK-V920 yearNTSCLD/?Jout:?
CO-V100 Auto-Changer Controller 1992NTSC-xout:?,
DA-V1000 (LV-ROM-Adapter) yearNTSC-xLV-ROM adaptor with EFM Input
DVK-1000 1999NTSCLD/CDJout:adA/c, 2p, kara, ldg, 50W+50W, 8.8kg+35.5kg
DVK-900 1999NTSCLD/LDS/CDV/CD/CDS/VCD/DVDJout:adA/c, 2p, kara, ldg, 50W+50W, 8.4kg+35.5kg
DVL-700 1996NTSCLD/LDS/CDV/CD/CDS/VCD/DVDJout:?, first LD/CD/DVD combi player
DVL-9 1996NTSCLD/LDS/CDV/CD/CDS/VCD/DVDJout:adOCA/cS, cx, sc, 2p, mem, cdg, ldg, 9kg
DVL-909 1998NTSCLD/CD/DVDJout:adOCA/cS, 2p, ldg
DVL-919 1999-2009NTSCLD/LDS/CDV/CD/CDS/VCD/DVDJout:adOCRd/cS, 2p, ldg
DVL-H9 1999?LD/?xout:?,
DVL-K88 1999NTSCLD/LDS/CDV/CD/CDS/VCD/DVDJout:adOCA/cR, 2p, kara, ldg, cdg, 8.6kg
DVL-V888 1999NTSCLD/LDS/CDV/CD/CDS/VCD/DVDUout:adOCA/cS, kara+scoring, ldg, 2p, 8.4kg
HLD-1000 (MUSE) 1994HD/NTSCMHLD/LDxout:?,
HLD-V500 (MUSE) 1992HDMHLDxout:?,
HLD-V700 (MUSE) 1993HD/NTSCMHLD/LDxout:?,
LC-330 Auto-Changer 1999NTSCLDxout:?,
LC-V100 Auto-Changer 1992NTSCLDxout:?,
LC-V50 yearNTSCLDxout:?,
LC-V80TL yearNTSCLDxout:?,
LD-1000 1981NTSCaLD/LDS*Jout:a/c, ant, first LD player for J
LD-1100 1981NTSCaLD/LDS*Uout:a/c, ant, 13.5kg
LD-200 1981NTSCaLD/LDS*xout:?,
LD-5000 1984NTSCaLD/LDS*xout:?,
LD-5100 1985NTSCaLD/LDS*xout:?,
LD-600 1982NTSCaLD/LDS*xout:?,
LD-6200A yearNTSCLDxout:?,
LD-660 1982NTSCaLDxout:?,
LD-700 1983NTSCaLDUout:a/c, ant, ioport, 12.4kg
LD-7000 1983NTSCaLD/LDS*xout:a/c, first LD player with semiconductor laser
LD-707 yearNTSCLDxout:?,
LD-7100 1985NTSCLD/LDS*xout:?,
LD-717 yearNTSCLDxout:?,
LD-7200 1986NTSCLD/LDS*xout:?,
LD-7700S ≤1988NTSCLD/LDS*xout:?,
LD-8100 1985NTSCLD/LDS*xout:?,
LD-8200D 1986NTSCLD/LDS*xout:?,
LD-838D 1988NTSCLD/?xout:?,
LD-850D yearNTSCLDxout:?,
LD-870 1989NTSCaLD/LDS*Uout:a/c, ant, 7.4kg
LD-9200D 1986NTSCLD/LDS*xout:?,
LD-E100 ≤1988NTSCLD/LDS*xout:?,
LD-E150 yearNTSCLDxout:?,
LD-K5 yearNTSCLDxout:?,
LD-K7 ≤1988NTSCLD/LDS*xout:?,
LD-LK77 yearNTSCLDxout:?,
LD-S1 1986NTSCLD/LDS*J,Uout:ad/cS, cx, mem, first player with "mem"
LD-S2 1990NTSCLD/LDSUout:adO/cS, cx, mem, 28kg
LD-S9 1995NTSCLDxout:?,
LD-V10 yearNTSCLDxout:?,
LD-V1000 1982NTSCaLDUout:a/c, He-Ne, 13kg
LD-V1001 1982NTSCaLDxout:?,
LD-V1003 yearNTSCLDxout:?,
LD-V1010 yearNTSCLDxout:?,
LD-V16 yearNTSCLDxout:?,
LD-V17 yearNTSCLDxout:?,
LD-V170 yearNTSCLDxout:?,
LD-V180 1988NTSCLD?xout:?,
LD-V18T yearNTSCLDxout:?,
LD-V200 yearNTSCLDxout:?,
LD-V2000 1989NTSCLDxout:?,
LD-V2020 yearNTSCLDxout:?,
LD-V2100 1991NTSCLDxout:?,
LD-V2200 1989NTSCLDxout:?,
LD-V3000 yearNTSCaLD20/LDS*Uout:a/c, 5.6kg
LD-V400 yearNTSCLDxout:?,
LD-V4000 1984NTSCLDxout:?, (@ LD-700)
LD-V4100 1987NTSCLDxout:?,
LD-V4200 1990NTSCLDxout:?,
LD-V4300D 1992PAL/NTSCLDEout:adE/cR, 12.6kg
LD-V4400 yearNTSCLDxout:?,
LD-V500 ≤1988NTSCLD/?xout:?,
LD-V510 ≤1988NTSCLD/?xout:?,
LD-V515SE ≤1988?LD/?xout:?,
LD-V520 yearNTSCLDxout:?,
LD-V530 yearNTSCLDxout:?,
LD-V540 yearNTSCLDxout:?,
LD-V6000 1984NTSCaLDxout:?,
LD-V6000A 1984NTSCaLDxout:?,
LD-V6010A 1988NTSCLDxout:?,
LD-V6100 yearNTSCLDxout:?,
LD-V800 1989?NTSCLDJout:adE/c, i/f, LB2,
LD-V8000 1989NTSCLDUout:ad/c, 14.7kg
LD-W1 1988NTSCLDJout:ad/c, 4p, first 4-sides player
LD-X1 1989NTSCLDJout:?, (@ LD-S2)
LD-X710 1985NTSCaLD/LDS*xout:?,
LDP-3600D yearNTSCLDxout:?,
LK-55 ≤1988NTSCLD/LDS*xout:?,
LK-77 ≤1988NTSCLD/LDS*xout:?,
LK-V32 yearNTSCLDxout:?,
LK-V350 yearNTSCLDxout:?,
LV-4300D 1992NTSCLDxout:?,
LV-P1 yearNTSCLDxout:?,
PR-7820 1979NTSCLD/LDS*Uout:ad/c, first Pioneer LD-Player for the USA
PR-8210 1982NTSCaLDxout:?,
PR-8210A 1984NTSCa?LDxout:?,
SYSCOM D7100-K 1995NTSCLD/?xout:?,
SYSCOM D7300-K 1997NTSCLD/LDS/CDV/CD/CDSUout:adOA/c, dts, sc, 2p, (< CLD-D406)
VDR-1000 yearNTSCLD/?xout:?,
VDR-V1000 1992NTSCLD/?xout:?,
VP-1000 1980NTSCaLD/LDS*Uout:a/c, ant, 17.5kg, toploader, "Volksplayer"
WAVE1000TV ≤1988NTSCLD/LDS*xout:?,
WAVE700 ≤1988NTSCLD/LDS*xout:?,
WAVE700TV ≤1988NTSCLD/LDS*xout:?,
PSLD40 year?LD/?xout:?,
PSLD41 year?LD/?xout:?,
PSLD43 year?LD/?xout:?,
PSLD45 year?LD/?xout:?,
PSLD46 year?LD/?xout:?,
LD500 year?LD/?xout:?,
LD700 year?LD/?xout:?,
LDR-300 1990?LD/?xout:?,
LDR-307 year?LD/?xout:?,
LDR-310 year?LD/?xout:?,
LDR-400 year?LD/?xout:?,
LDR-500 year?LD/?xout:?,
LDR-600 year?LD/?xout:?,
LDR-610 year?LD/?xout:?,
LDR-900K 1995?LD/?xout:?,
RDI Halcyon:
Model 200 1983NTSCaLDUout:a/c, ant, ioport, 12.4kg, (= Pioneer LD-700)
LJR I yearNTSCLD/?xout:?,
LJR II yearNTSCLD/LDS/CDV/CD/CDSUout:adA/c, 18kg
LJR HD (MUSE) yearHD/?MHLD/LD?xout:?,
DV-430C year?LD/?xout:?,
DV-500K 1992?LD/?xout:?,
DV-500KN year?LD/?xout:?,
DV-5000N 1991?LD/?xout:?,
DV-505K year?LD/?xout:?,
DV-530K year?LD/?xout:?,
DV-550KP year?LD/?xout:?,
DV-550NKC year?LD/?xout:?,
DV-555K year?LD/?xout:?,
DV-710K year?LD/?xout:?,
DV-7620KV 1996NTSCLD/CD/VCDxout:?, first LD/CD/VCD combi player
LD-K700V yearNTSCLD/?xout:?,
RS Renaissance yearNTSCLD/?xout:?,
CL-900XD year?LD/?xout:?,
CL-V3000 year?LD/?xout:?,
LV-P7 year?LD/?xout:?,
LV-PK30 year?LD/?xout:?,
SLV-J1 1987NTSCLD/LDS*xout:?, 2p, first 2p player
SLV-J2 ≤1988NTSCLD/LDS*xout:?,
VIP 9500SG yearNTSCaLDxout:a/c, ser, toploader, 10.5kg
LD-V950 ≤1988NTSCLD/LDS*xout:?,
MVD-100 year?LD/?xout:?,
MV-D1002 year?LD/?xout:?,
MVK-33 year?LD/?xout:?,
MVK-520 year?LD/?xout:?,
MV-K70 year?LD/?xout:?,
MVK-7000 year?LD/?xout:?,
CLK-700 year?LD/?xout:?,
HDL-2000 (HDVS) yearHDHDVSxout:?,
HDL-5800 (HDVS-Recorder) yearHDHDVSxout:?,
HIL-1000 (MUSE) 1994HDMHLDxout:?,
HIL-C1 (MUSE) 1994HD/NTSCMHLD/LDxout:?, 18.5kg
LD-1100 year?LD/?xout:?,
LD-870 year?LD/?xout:?,
LDP-1000A 1983NTSCaLD/LDS*Uout:adp/c, ant, toploader, He-Ne, 19.6kg
LDP-11 year?LD/?xout:?,
LDP-1200 year?LD/?xout:?,
LDP-1450 yearNTSCLD/?Uout:ad/c, ser, 9.7kg
LDP-150 ≤1988NTSCLD/LDS*xout:?,
LDP-1500 year?LD/?xout:?,
LDP-1500P 1986PALaLD/LDS*Eout:a/c
LDP-1550 year?LD/?xout:?,
LDP-1550P yearPALLD/?xout:?,
LDP-1600 year?LD/?xout:?,
LDP-1600P yearPALLD/?xout:?,
LDP-180P yearPALLD/?xout:?,
LDP-190 ≤1988NTSCLD/LDS*xout:?,
LDP-2000 1984NTSCaLD/LDS*Uout:a/c, ant,
LDP-2000P yearPALLD/?xout:?,
LDP-2100 1984NTSCaLD/LDS*Uout:a/c, ant, ser
LDP-2200 1984NTSCaLDxout:a/c, ant, IEEE-488
LDP-250CD ≤1988NTSCLD/LDS*xout:?,
LDP-330 1986NTSCLD/LDS*xout:aE/c,
LDP-3300P yearPALLD/?xout:?,
LDP-330LC 1986?LD/?xout:?,
LDP-3600 1990?LD/?xout:?,
LDP-3600D 1990?LD/?xout:?,
LDP-505 ≤1988NTSCLD/LDS*xout:?,
LDP-515 ≤1988NTSCLD/LDS*xout:?,
LDP-525 ≤1988NTSCLD/LDS*xout:?,
LDP-530 1986NTSCLD/LDS*xout:adE/c
LDP-550 ≤1988NTSCLD/LDS*xout:?,
LDP-730 1986?LD/LDS*xout:adE/c, mem,
LDP-750 ≤1988NTSCLD/LDS*xout:?,
LDP-900 year?LDxout:?,
MDK-500 year?LDxout:?,
MDK-77A/77P year?LDxout:?,
MDP-1000 year?LD/CDxout:?,
MDP-11 year?LD/CDxout:?,
MDP-1100 year?LD/CDxout:?,
MDP-111 year?LD/CDxout:?,
MDP-1150 year?LD/CDxout:?,
MDP-1200 year?LD/CDxout:?,
MDP-1550 year?LD/CDxout:?,
MDP-1700 year?LD/CDxout:?,
MDP-1700AR yearNTSCLD/LDS/CDV/CD/CDSUout:ad/c, ant, ser, barcode, 10kg
MDP-200 year?LD/CDxout:?,
MDP-201 ≤1988NTSCLD/LDS*/CDxout:?,
MDP-210 yearNTSCLD/LDS/CDV/CD/CDSUout:adpO/c, ant, 7.8kg
MDP-212 yearPALLD/LDS/CDV/CD/CDSE+Mout:adp/c, ant, 11kg
MDP-222GX yearNTSCLD/LDS/CDV/CD/CDSA/allout:adpO/c, ant, 7.7kg (@ MDP-200)
MDP-290 year?LD/CDxout:?,
MDP-315 year?LD/CDxout:?,
MDP-322GX year?LD/CDxout:?, (@ MDP-210)
MDP-333 1990NTSCLD/LDS/CDV/CD/CDSUout:adpO/cS, 8kg
MDP-335GX yearNTSCLD/LDS/CDV/CD/CDS?out:? (@ MDP-333)
MDP-355GX 1990NTSCLD/LDS/CDV/CD/CDSallout:adpO/cS, 8kg
MDP-3600D year?LD/CDxout:?,
MDP-405 yearNTSCLD/LDS/CDV/CD/CDSUout:adpO/cS, ant, 8.2kg
MDP-405GX yearNTSCLD/LDS/CDV/CD/CDSA/Mout:adpO/cS, ant, 8.2kg
MDP-440 yearPALLD/LDS/CDV/CD/CDSEout:adpO/cR, scart, 8.5kg
MDP-450 1992-1994PALLD/LDS/CDV/CD/CDSEout:adpO/c, sc, scart, 8.3kg (@ MDP-650D)
MDP-455 year?LD/?xout:?,
MDP-500 yearNTSCLD/LDS/CDV/CD/CDSUout:ad/cS, 2p, 10kg
MDP-510 year?LD/CDxout:?,
MDP-515D year?LD/CDxout:?,
MDP-533D yearPAL/NTSCLD/LDS/CDV/CD/CDSEout:adpO/cS, 8kg
MDP-550 yearNTSCLD/LDS/CDV/CD/CDSUout:adpO/cS, in:m/-, sc, 2p, mem, 7.5kg
MDP-550AE yearNTSCLD/LDS/CDV/CD/CDS?out:adpO/cS, in:m/-, sc, 2p, mem, 7.5kg
MDP-555 1990?LD/CDxout:?,
MDP-555F year?LD/CDxout:?,
MDP-600 yearNTSCLD/LDS/CDV/CD/CDSUout:adpO/cS, in:m/-, sc, 9.5kg (@ MDP-A1)
MDP-601 ≤1988NTSCLD/LDS*/CDxout:?,
MDP-605 year?LD/CDxout:?,
MDP-605GX year?LD/CDxout:?,
MDP-640 year?LD/?xout:?,
MDP-640D 1991PAL/NTSCLD/LDS/CDV/CD/CDSEout:adpO/cR, scart, 8.5kg
MDP-650 yearNTSCLD/LDS/CDV/CD/CDSUout:adO/cS, in:m/-, sc, 2p, mem, (@ MDP-550)
MDP-650AE 1992NTSCLD/LDS/CDV/CD/CDS?out:adO/cS, sc, 2p, mem,
MDP-650D 1993PAL/NTSCLD/LDS/CDV/CD/CDSEout:adpO/c, 8.5kg (@ MDP-450)
MDP-700 year?LD/?xout:?,
MDP-711 year?LD/?xout:?,
MDP-722 year?LD/?xout:?,
MDP-722GX year?LD/?xout:?, (@ MDP-510)
MDP-740D 1991PAL/NTSCLD/LDS/CDV/CD/CDSEout:adpO/cR, 9.6kg
MDP-750 yearNTSCLD/LDS/CDV/CD/CDSUout:adpO/cS, in:m/-, 2p, mem, 10kg
MDP-755 year?LD/?xout:?,
MDP-800 yearNTSCLD/LDS/CDV/CD/CDSUout:adpO/cS, in:m/-, 10kg (@ MDP-A7)
MDP-801 ≤1988NTSCLD/LDS*/CDxout:?,
MDP-850D 1987PAL/NTSCLD/CDxout:ad/c, 2p,
MDP-9 1987NTSCLD/LDS*/CDxout:?,
MDP-911 1989?LD/CDxout:?,
MDP-999 1990?LD/CDxout:?,
MDP-A1 1993NTSCLD/LDS/CDV/CD/CDSAout:adpO/cS, in:m/-, cs, 9.5kg
MDP-A10 year?LD/CDxout:?,
MDP-A2 1994NTSCLD/LDS/CDV/CD/CDSAout:adpO/cS, in:m/-, 2p, mem, 10kg (@ MDP-750)
MDP-A3 yearNTSCLD/LDS/CDV/CD/CDSAout:adpO/cS, in:m/-, sc, 2p, mem, (@ MDP-550)
MDP-A30 year?LD/CDxout:?,
MDP-A500 yearNTSCLD/LDS/CDV/CD/CDSAout:ad/c, 2p, 10kg
MDP-A7 yearNTSCLD/LDS/CDV/CD/CDSAout:adpO/cS, in:m/-, 10kg
MDP-A9 year?LD/CDxout:?,
MDP-AV1 ≤1988NTSCLD/LDS*/CDxout:?,
MDP-K1 yearNTSCLD/LDS/CDV/CD/CDSUout:adp/c, in:mma/-, ant, kara, 8.7kg
MDP-K3 year?LD/CDxout:?,
MDP-K5 year?LD/CDxout:?,
MDP-K50 year?LD/CDxout:?, (@ MDP-A660K)
MDP-MR1 yearNTSCLD/LDS/CDV/CD/CDSAout:ad/c, 2p, 6.5kg
MDP-RS10 year?LD/CDxout:?,
MDP-U3 year?LD/CDxout:?,
MDP-V1 year?LD/CDxout:?,
MDP-V10 1997?LD/CDxout:?,
MDP-V7 year?LD/CDxout:?,
MDP-V70G year?LD/CDxout:?,
MDP-V8K year?LD/CDxout:?,
MDP-V9K 1996NTSC/vcd+PALLD/LDS/CD/CDS/VCDAout:adpOA/cS, in:ma/c, 6.8kg
MDP-V90K year?LD/CDxout:?,
VIW-5000 year?LDxout:?,
VP-7200 1981?LD/?xout:?,
Tandy Realistic:
MD-1000 1989?LD/?xout:?,
LV-1000 ≤1988NTSCLD/LDS*xout:?,
LV-1200 ≤1988NTSCLD/LDS*xout:?,
LV-1400 ≤1988NTSCLD/LDS*xout:?,
LV-1500DS ≤1988NTSCLD/LDS*xout:?,
LV-1700DS ≤1988NTSCLD/LDS*xout:?,
LV-2000 year?LD/?xout:?,
LV-210A (RLV-Recorder, 2-sided) yearNTSCLD/LD-Rxout:?,
LV-220P year?LD/?xout:?,
LV-2200K yearNTSCLD/LDS/CDV/CD/CDSJout:ad/cS, in:mm/-, ant, cx, kara,
LV-2300 year?LD/?xout:?,
LV-2400 year?LD/?xout:?,
LV-250H (RLV-Recorder, 1-sided) yearNTSCLD/LD-Rxout:?,
LV-2500 year?LD/?xout:?,
LV-2600 year?LD/?xout:?,
LV-3000C year?LD/?xout:?,
LV-3000V< ≤1988NTSCLD/LDS*xout:?,
LV-5000DS 1984NTSCLD/LDS*/CDxout:ad/c, ant, ioport, (< Pioneer CLD-900)
LV-5500DS ≤1988NTSCLD/LDS*xout:?,
LV-5700DS ≤1988>NTSCLD/LDS*/CDxout:ad/c, subcode, ant, sc, ioport,
LV-6000W year?LD/?xout:?,
LV-7000 year?LD/?xout:?,
LV-7000V ≤1988NTSCLD/LDS*xout:?,
LV-8000V year?LD/?xout:?,
LV-9000 year?LD/?xout:?,
LX-1000 year?LD/?xout:?,
VDP500 1992?LD/?xout:?,
VDP800 1992?LD/?xout:?,
Data II year?LD/?xout:?,
Data III year?LD/?xout:?,
Voyager year?LD/?xout:?,
XR-L8D ≤1988?LD/LDS*xout:?,
XR-L10D ≤1988?LD/LDS*xout:?,
XR-W70 year?LD/?xout:?,
XR-W75 year?LD/?xout:?,
XR-W90 year?LD/?xout:?,
XR-W90A 1995?LD/?xout:?,
CDV-100 1990?LD/?xout:?,
CDV-1000 yearNTSCLD/CDV/CD/CDSUout:ad/c, ant, 8kg
CDV-1100 yearNTSCLD/LDS/CDV/CD/CDSU/Aout:ad/c, ant, 8.8kg
CDV-1200K yearNTSCLD/LDS/CDV/CD/CDSAout:ad/c, in:aamm/-, ant, ioport, kara, 9kg
CDV-1600 yearNTSCLD/LDS/CDV/CD/CDSxout:?
CDV-1700 1992NTSCLD/LDS/CDV/CD/CDSU/Aout:adpO/cS, ant, 9.3kg
CDV-300K year?LD/?xout:?,
CDV-S100 year?LD/LDS/CDV/CD/CDSxout:?
CDV-870 1993NTSCLD/LDS/CDV/CD/CDSU/E/Aout:adp/c, 10kg
CDV-W901 1999NTSCLD/LDS/CDV/CD/CDSxout:adpOA/cS, in:mm/-, kara, 7.1kg
CLV-1 ≤1988NTSCLD/LDS*xout:?,
CLV-M88 ≤1988NTSCLD/LDS*xout:?,
LV-1000D ≤1988NTSCLD/LDS*xout:?,
LV-X1 1985NTSCLD/LDS*xout:?,
LDP-510 1990?LD/?xout:?,

► from: 1996 = was introduced into the market 1996, 1999-2009 = manufactured from 1999 until 2009, year = don't know the year
► from: ≤1988 = this player model became available in a certain year within 1978-1988, it does not mean that this model was manufactured until 1988.
► discs: LD = "Laserdisc"/"LD" (30cm or 20cm diameter, 2.5mm thick), LD20 = "Laserdisc"/"LD" (20cm diameter, 2.5mm thick)
► discs: LDS = "LD Single" (20cm diameter, 1.2mm thin)
► discs: LDS* = to playback a thin LD-Single the use of a "LD Single Adapter" Pioneer J-L20 is required for thickness adaptation.
► discs: CDV = "CD Video"/"CDV" (12cm diameter, 1.2mm thin) - do not mix up with the digital-only medium "Video CD"/"VCD" !
► discs: VSD = "Video Single Disc"/"VSD" (12cm diameter, 1.2mm thin)
► discs: MHLD = "MUSE Hi-Vision LD" (30cm or 20cm diameter, 2.5mm thick)
► discs: HDVS = "HDVS Videodisc" from Sony (30cm or 20cm diameter, 2.5mm thick)
► discs: RLV = "Recordable Laservision Disc" (30cm or 20cm diameter, 2.5mm thick, compatible with NTSC-LD), now a name like "LD-R" would be used
► market: J = Japan (100V, 50/60Hz), U = USA (120V, 60Hz), E = Europe and AUS (230V, 50Hz), M = Malaysia and UK (240V, 50Hz),
► market: A = adjustable (110/120/220/240V or 110-240V, 50/60Hz), all = (100/120/220/240V or 100-240V, 50/60Hz), x = don't know
► connectors: output sockets are described as out:sound/video, input sockets are described as in:sound/video, out:? means I don't know
► connectors: out sound: a = analog stereo from analog tracks, d = analog stereo from digital PCM, p = phones,
► connectors: out sound: E = digital EFM (8-to-14 modulation), O = digital optical, C = digital coaxial, A = digital AC-3 RF (RF-modulated DD5.1)
► connectors: out video: c = analog composite video, S = analog S-video, R = analog RGB, D = analog component video,
► connectors: in sound: m = microphone in, mm = 2 microphone in, a = analog stereo in (= aux)
► features: cx = analog CX noise suppression, sc = system control, ser = serial RS232C connector, scart = SCART connector, ant = antenna output (RF modulator),
► features: dts = DTS5.1 output via O or C, 2p = two-side playback, mem = digital frame memory, kara = Karaoke functions, scoring = scoring function
► features: cdg = CD+G (Graphics), ldg = LD+G, He-Ne = uses a Helium-Neon gas laser, ioport = serial control port
► etc.: (= X) = rebranded from X, (< X) = OEM from X, (<< X) = derived from X, (@ X) = similar model described in the same service manual,

Not listed here are devices for the following media:
► No "CRVdisc"/"Laser Videodisc", "Optical Disc"/"Optical Memory Disc"/"OMD", "Laserfilm Videodisc" - because no preregistered discs were publicly sold.
► No "TED"/"Bildplatte", "CED"/"Selectavision", "VHD" - because they are  needle-based and not laser-based.
► Also not listed here are devices for digital media only, e.g. VCD players and DVD players, however hybrid player models for LD/VCD or LD/DVD are listed.

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