Technical Data
Devices for the Laserdisc, the compatible RLV Disc, the MUSE Hi-Vision Laserdisc, and the HDVS Videodisc

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List of manufacturers and marketing companies:
Aiwa · Akai · Carver · Clarion · Columbia-Denon · Denon / Denonet · EAD · Faroudja · Funai · Fujitsu General · Giga Networks · Hitachi · Kenwood · Luxman · Marantz · Matrox · MCA DiscoVision · McIntosh · Mitsubishi · MSB · NAD Electronics · NEC Home Entertainment · Nihon Columbia · Nihon Marantz · ODC Nimbus · Onkyo · Panasonic · Philips · Philips Magnavox · Pioneer · Proscan · Quasar · RCA · RDI Halcyon · Runco · Samsung · Sansui · Sanyo · SEGA · Sharp · Sony · Sylvania · Tandy Realistic · Teac · Technics · Telefunken · Theta · Toshiba · Yamaha · Zenith

Relation between disc types and player models:
Examples for the playability according to a player model:
 Disc types concerned: Ø in cm Video
  A B C D E F G H I J K L M N
discs with
video signal
Laserdisc (NTSC; audio analog) DiscoVision, Laservision, RLV 30/20 525i        
Laserdisc (NTSC; audio analog+digital**) LD, CDV, LD-Single 30/20/20 525i ✓ˣ        
Laserdisc (NTSC; audio analog; data digital) LaserActive 30/20/20 525i ✓ˣ   ✓ˣ ✓ˣ ✓ˣ       ✓ˣ ✓ˣ ✓ˣ ✓ˣ ✓ˣ
Laserdisc (NTSC; audio digital:PCM) VSD, CDV 12 525i               ?  
Laserdisc (PAL; audio analog) Laservision, LV 30/20 625i                    
Laserdisc (PAL; audio digital:PCM/DTS) LD, CDV, LD-Single 30/20/20 625i                      
Laserdisc (PAL; audio digital:PCM) VSD, CDV 12 625i                        
HDVS Videodisc (HD; audio digital:PCM) 30 1125i                          
MUSE Hi-Vision Laserdisc (HD; audio analog+digital:PCM4.0) 30/20 1125i                        
audio only CD (no video signal; audio digital:PCM) 12/8 -            
discs with
video signal
VCD (NTSC; audio digital:MP2) 12/8 525i                      
VCD (PAL; audio digital:MP2) 12/8 625i                          
DVD (NTSC; audio digital:DD5.1, evtl. +more) 12/8 525i                        
DVD (PAL; audio digital:DD5.1, evtl. +more) 12/8 625i                          
**: analogStereo+PCM2.0, or analogStereo+DTS5.1, or analogMono+AC3+PCM2.0 (AC3=DD5.1),   ✓ˣ: only video + analog sound playable.
Underlined diameters refer to the double-sided 2.5mm thick discs, those without underlining to the thin, single-sided 1.2mm thick ones.
HDVS Videodiscs carry an analog full bandwidth HD video signal, MUSE Hi-Vision Laserdiscs carry a MUSE-encoded HD video signal.
Players corresponding to the example columns in the table:
A: Magnavision MH-8000 (1978), B: Philips VLP 720 (1982), C: Pioneer CLD-9000 (1984), D: Sony LDP-730 (1986), E: Pioneer CLD-1010 (1987),
F: Pioneer CLD-1450 (1989), G: Sony HDL-2000 (1991), H: Pioneer HLD-V500 (1992), I: Pioneer CLD-A100 (1993), J: Pioneer CLD-D925 (1996),
K: Samsung DV 7620KV (1996), L: Pioneer HLD-X9 (1996), M: Pioneer DVL-919 (1999), N: Pioneer DVL-919E (1999)

=== Alphabetical list ===
  Players that are able to play back MUSE HiVision Laserdiscs are identified by "MUSE".
Players that are able to play back HDVS Videodiscs are identified by "HDVS".
RLV disc recorders are identified in the list as "RLV-Recorder"; LD players are not specifically marked.
For models below marked with color there is a more precise description - click to see it.
If you place the mouse indicator on an underlined model name, you will see e.g. the year of its market introduction.
Aiwa: LV-X310, LV-X51OK, XV-999,
Akai: DP-L1000, LD-V10,
Carver: MDV-500,
Clarion: MDP,
Columbia-Denon: CDV-1500, ULA-120,
Denon / Denonet: LA-1600C, LA-2000, LA-210, LA-2100, LA-2150K, LA-2300, LA-2500, LA-260C, LA-2700, LA-270C, LA-280C, LA-3000, LA-3100, LA-3200, LA-3300, LA-3450K, LA-3500, LA-3500KG, LA-550C, LA-560C, LA-V2000G,
EAD: T-7000 Theatervision,
Faroudja: LD1000,
Funai: MD-K55,
Fujitsu General: VKC-20, VKC-300,
Giga Networks: Visual Factory D20,
Hitachi: HLD-1000 (MUSE), MX-LD500CD, VIP-5, VIP-11, VIP-12, VIP-15K, VIP-16K, VIP-200LK, VIP-201, VIP-20D, VIP-23D, VIP-25DX, VIP-30C, VIP-31C, VIP-32C, VIP-35C, VIP-9500, VIP-9550, VIP-9600, VIP-KX10, VIP-KZ77G, VIP-RX10EX, VIP-RX6E, VIP-RX8EX, VIP-SX55,
Kenwood: LD-K300V, LVD-07, LVD-290, LVD-300, LVD-310, LVD-320, LVD-68, LVD-700, LVD-710, LVD-7i, LVD-820R, LVD-89V, LVD-930R, LVD-K590V, LVD-K7000, LVD-K7100, LVD-K9200, LVD-V7, LVD-Z1,
Luxman: D-08,
Marantz: CDV-400, CDV-580, CDV-780, CV-55, LV-100, LV-500, LV-510, LV-520,
Matrox: E-VDP/MSNI,
MCA DiscoVision: PR-7820,
McIntosh: MLD7020,
Mitsubishi: DL-L1500, M-V6020, M-V6021, M-V6022, M-V6027, M-V7010, M-V7025, M-V7057, M-V8000,
NAD Electronics: NAD 5900,
NEC Home Entertainment: LD-2000, PCE-LD1, VP-L700, VP-L750, VP-L760, VP-L800, VP-L850D, VP-L860CV, VP-L900, VP-L900CD, VP-L910, VP-L910CD, VP-L960CV, VP-LS-100,
Nihon Columbia: LA-600, LA-600D, LA-700, LA-800, LA-900, LA-1500C, CLK-600, CLK-600D, CLK-610, CLK-888, CLK-1500,
Nihon Marantz: CDV-50, CDV570, CDV-70D, CDV770, LV100, LV101, LV-10CD, LV-11CD, LV-1CD,
ODC Nimbus: LVDR 610 (RLV-Recorder),
Onkyo: DX-V370, DX-V500, DX-V801, ML-200A,
Panasonic: LX-100, LX-1000(U), LX-101, LX-200(U), LX-200PX, LX-300, LX-310, LX-600(U/CA), LX-900(U/CA), LX-H170, LX-H180, LX-H670, LX-H680, LX-HD10 (MUSE), LX-HD20 (MUSE), LX-K580V, LX-K630, LX-K660, LX-K670, LX-K700, LX-K770, LX-K780, LX-V860,
Philips: CDV-400, CDV-475, CDV-484, CDV-485, CDV-486, CDV-487, CDV-488, CDV-495, CDV-496, CDV-600, CDV-786, CDV-800, LDP-400, LDP-600WS, LVP-22VP931, LVP-22VP932, VLP-500, VLP-600, VLP-700, VLP 720, VLP-830, VLP-831, VLP-835, VLP-837, VP301, VP312, VP380, VP405, VP406, VP410, VP412, VP415, VP500, VP830, VP835, VP923, VP931, VP932,
Philips Magnavox: CDV-305, CDV-484, VC-8010, VC-8040, VH8000, WRV100,
Pioneer: CCS-LV1, CL-7700S, CLD-01, CLD-02, CLD-05, CLD-07G, CLD-100, CLD-100K, CLD-100KV, CLD-1010, CLD-1030, CLD-1050, CLD-1070, CLD-1080, CLD-1090, CLD-1091, CLD-110, CLD-110KVT, CLD-110-N, CLD-1190, CLD-1200, CLD-1260, CLD-1400, CLD-1450, CLD-1500, CLD-150K, CLD-1570K, CLD-1580K, CLD-1590K, CLD-1600, CLD-160K, CLD-1700, CLD-1710K, CLD-1720K, CLD-1750, CLD-1800, CLD-1810K, CLD-1850, CLD-1850K, CLD-1950, CLD-200, CLD-200K, CLD-2050, CLD-2070, CLD-2080, CLD-2090, CLD-210KVT, CLD-2290, CLD-2590K, CLD-2600, CLD-2700, CLD-2710K, CLD-2720K, CLD-2730K, CLD-2750K, CLD-2760K, CLD-2850, CLD-2950, CLD-3030, CLD-303, CLD-3070, CLD-3080, CLD-3090, CLD-31, CLD-313, CLD-3380, CLD-3390, CLD-360, CLD-3750K, CLD-3760K, CLD-3760KV, CLD-500, CLD-5000, CLD-505, CLD-52, CLD-53, CLD-535, CLD-555, CLD-59, CLD-600, CLD-616, CLD-7, CLD-70, CLD-700, CLD-737, CLD-757, CLD-77, CLD-770, CLD-79, CLD-800, CLD-8380, CLD-900, CLD-9000, CLD-901, CLD-909, CLD-91, CLD-919, CLD-92, CLD-939, CLD-95, CLD-950, CLD-959, CLD-97, CLD-970, CLD-98, CLD-980, CLD-99, CLD-990, CLD-995, CLD-99S, CLD-A100 LaserActive, CLD-AK700, CLD-C1, CLD-C3, CLD-C5G, CLD-CLKV920, CLD-D1, CLD-D380, CLD-D390, CLD-D406, CLD-D500, CLD-D501, CLD-D502, CLD-D503, CLD-D504, CLD-D505, CLD-D515, CLD-D550, CLD-D560, CLD-D570, CLD-D580, CLD-D590, CLD-D604, CLD-D605, CLD-D606, CLD-D700, CLD-D701, CLD-D702, CLD-D703, CLD-D704, CLD-D750, CLD-D760, CLD-D770, CLD-D780, CLD-D790, CLD-D925, CLD-D99, CLD-DV3, CLD-E100, CLD-E110, CLD-E140, CLD-E2000, CLD-E2200, CLD-E505, CLD-F1, CLD-F7, CLD-HF7G, CLD-HF9G, CLD-J420, CLD-J700, CLD-J720, CLD-J910, CLD-J990, CLD-J990K, CLD-K1000, CLD-K11, CLD-K1100, CLD-K150, CLD-K22G, CLD-K33G, CLD-K50, CLD-K55G, CLD-K600, CLD-K7, CLD-K700, CLD-K77G, CLD-K8V, CLD-K8, CLD-K80, CLD-K800, CLD-K88G, CLD-K99V, CLD-M301, CLD-M403, CLD-M401, CLD-M450, CLD-M460, CLD-M5, CLD-M90, CLD-P2, CLD-PC10, CLD-R4, CLD-R4G, CLD-R4-N, CLD-R5, CLD-R6G, CLD-R7G, CLD-S104, CLD-S105, CLD-S180, CLD-S180V, CLD-S201, CLD-S250, CLD-S270, CLD-S280, CLD-S290, CLD-S300V, CLD-S303, CLD-S304, CLD-S310, CLD-S315, CLD-S320F, CLD-S330, CLD-S350, CLD-S360, CLD-S370, CLD-V101, CLD-V1008, CLD-V1212D, CLD-V121G, CLD-V190, CLD-V202, CLD-V2120D, CLD-V2300D, CLD-V2400, CLD-V250, CLD-V250(G), CLD-V2600, CLD-V2800, CLD-V300, CLD-V303, CLD-V500, CLD-V5000, CLD-V510, CLD-V520, CLD-V700, CLD-V710, CLD-V720, CLD-V740, CLD-V750, CLD-V760, CLD-V820, CLD-V840, CLD-V850, CLD-V860, CLD-V870, CLD-V880, CLD-X919, CLD-Z1, CL-J75LD, CO-V100 Auto-Changer Controller, DA-V1000 (LV-ROM-Adapter), DVK-1000, DVK-900, DVL-700, DVL-9, DVL-90, DVL-90, DVL-909, DVL-91, DVL-919, DVL-919E, DVL-H9, DVL-K88, DVL-V888, HLD-1000 (MUSE), HLD-V500 (MUSE), HLD-V700 (MUSE), HLD-X0 (MUSE), HLD-X9 (MUSE), LC-330 Auto-Changer, LC-V100 Auto-Changer, LC-V50, LC-V80TL, LD-1000, LD-1100, LD-200, LD-5000, LD-5100, LD-600, LD-6200A, LD-660, LD-700, LD-7000, LD-707, LD-7100, LD-717, LD-7200, LD-7700S, LD-8100, LD-8200D, LD-838D, LD-850D, LD-870, LD-9200D, LD-E100, LD-E150, LD-K5, LD-K7, LD-LK77, LD-S1, LD-S2, LD-S9, LD-V10, LD-V1000, LD-V1001, LD-V1003, LD-V1010, LD-V16, LD-V17, LD-V170, LD-V180, LD-V18T, LD-V200, LD-V2000, LD-V2020, LD-V2100, LD-V2200, LD-V3000, LD-V400, LD-V4000, LD-V4100, LD-V4200, LD-V4300D, LD-V4400, LD-V500, LD-V510, LD-V515SE, LD-V520, LD-V530, LD-V540, LD-V6000, LD-V6000A, LD-V6010A, LD-V6100, LD-V8000, LD-W1, LD-X1, LD-X710, LDP-3600D, LK-55, LK-77, LK-V32, LV-4300D, LV-P1, PR-7820, PR-8210, PR-8210A, VDR-1000, VDR-V1000, VP-1000, WAVE700, WAVE700TV, WAVE1000TV,
Proscan: PSLD40, PSLD41, PSLD43, PSLD45, PSLD46,
Quasar: LD500, LD700,
RCA: LDR-300, LDR-307, LDR-310, LDR-400, LDR-500, LDR-600, LDR-610, LDR-900K,
RDI Halcyon: Model 200,
Runco: LJR I, LJR II,
Samsung: DV-430C, DV-500K, DV-500KN, DV-5000N, DV-505K, DV-530K, DV-550NKC, DV-550KP, DV-555K, DV-710K, DV-7620KV, LD-K700V, RS Renaissance,
Sansui: CL-900XD, CL-V3000,
Sanyo: LV-P7, LV-PK30, SLV-J1, SLV-J2,
Sharp: LD-V950, MVD-100, MV-D1002, MVK-33, MVK-520, MV-K70, MVK-7000,
Sony: CLK-700, HDL-2000 (HDVS), HDL-5800 (HDVS-Recorder), HIL-1000 (MUSE), HIL-C1 (MUSE), HIL-C2EX (MUSE), HIL-C3 (MUSE), LD-1100, LD-870, LDP-1000A, LDP-11, LDP-1200, LDP-1450, LDP-150, LDP-1500, LDP-1500P, LDP-1550, LDP-1600P, LDP-1600, LDP-180P, LDP-190, LDP-2000P, LDP-2000, LDP-2100, LDP-2200, LDP-250CD, LDP-330, LDP-3300P, LDP-330LC, LDP-3600, LDP-505, LDP-515, LDP-525, LDP-530, LDP-550, LDP-730, LDP-750, LDP-900, MDK-500, MDK-77A/77P, MDP-1000, MDP-11, MDP-1100, MDP-111, MDP-1150, MDP-1200, MDP-1550, MDP-1700, MDP-1700AR, MDP-200, MDP-201, MDP-210, MDP-212, MDP-222GX, MDP-290, MDP-315, MDP-322GX, MDP-333, MDP-355, MDP-3600D, MDP-405, MDP-405GX, MDP-440, MDP-455, MDP-500, MDP-510, MDP-515D, MDP-533D, MDP-550, MDP-555, MDP-555F, MDP-600, MDP-601, MDP-605, MDP-605GX, MDP-640, MDP-640D, MDP-650, MDP-650D, MDP-700, MDP-711, MDP-722, MDP-722GX, MDP-740D, MDP-750, MDP-755, MDP-800, MDP-801, MDP-850D, MDP-9, MDP-911, MDP-999, MDP-A1, MDP-A10, MDP-A2, MDP-A3, MDP-A30, MDP-A500, MDP-A7, MDP-A9, MDP-AV1, MDP-K1, MDP-K3, MDP-K5, MDP-K50, MDP-MR1, MDP-RS10, MDP-U3, MDP-V1, MDP-V10, MDP-V7, MDP-V70G, MDP-V8K, MDP-V9K, MDP-V90K, VIW-5000,
Sylvania: VP-7200,
Tandy Realistic: MD-1000,
Teac: LV-1000, LV-1200, LV-1400, LV-1500DS, LV-1700DS, LV-2000, LV-210A (RLV-Recorder, two-sided), LV-220P, LV-2300, LV-2400, LV-250H (RLV-Recorder, single-sided), LV-2500, LV-2600, LV-3000C, LV-3000V, LV-5000DS, LV-5500DS, LV-5700DS, LV-6000W, LV-7000, LV-7000V, LV-8000V, LV-9000,
Technics: LX-1000,
Telefunken: VDP500, VDP800,
Theta: Data II, Data III, Voyager,
Toshiba: XR-L8D, XR-L10D, XR-W70, XR-W75, XR-W90, XR-W90A,
Yamaha: CDV-100, CDV-1000, CDV-1100, CDV-1200K, CDV-1700, CDV-300K, CDV-870, CDV-W901, CLV-1, CLV-M88, LV-1000D, LV-X1, LV-X1 DIGITAL,
Zenith: LDP-510,

► ≤1988 = this player model became available in a certain year within 1978-1988, it does not mean that this model was manufactured until 1988.
► LDS = LD Single (20cm diameter, 1.2mm thin)
► LDS* = for playback of the thin LD-Singles the use of a "LD Single Adapter" Pioneer J-L20 is required for thickness adaptation.

► Devices for the incompatible systems "CRVdisc"/"Laser Videodisc" from Sony [Japan], "Optical Disc"/"Optical Memory Disc" from National [Japan], and "Laserfilm Videodisc" from McDonnell Douglas [USA] are not listed here, because there were no preregistered discs publicly available for them.
► Devices only for discs with digital video registration like e.g. "VCD" or "DVD" are not listed here.
► Devices for the black needle-based analog discs "TED"/"Bildplatte", "CED"/"Selectavision", and "VHD" are also not mentioned here.

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